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Small gig but paying work.
Am looking for an experienced comics flatter for a 6 page story for an anthology. Pages are inked, turnaround time is ASAP - as in, I would need them flatted within the next few days.

I need a flatter who can give me flatted pages with easily selectable colored sections - non anti aliased.

Can only pay through Paypal, with payment made by me within one week of job completion. Completion of job = upon my receipt of all 6 pages with flat colors, at 300 DPI + approval of work. I'd like the ability to ask for one set of changes or edits if need be.

Art style is cartoony; you can check out my gallery here to get a feel for what I do.

If interested please reply here or feel free to email me at with your page rates and turnaround time. Thanks!
Kagagi - from pencil to screen by jayodjick
Kagagi - from pencil to screen
Okay, maybe not actual pencil. But here are the characters from KAGAGI - from my actual initial character designs to how they appear in the animated series. Some changes, but all practical, to make characters easier for our animators to animate. Fun to look back at! Check out Kagagi HERE:
Been busy lately - haven't been on DA much! What have I been working on? A lot of things, but really, this is the thing I'd like to share most. There is a KAGAGI tv series based on my graphic novel, that I was an exec. producer and lead writer on. Viewers in Canada can check that out here:

But if you'd like to see some of the show, here's our intro:
Superman Design by jayodjick
Superman Design
Superman seems to be getting redesigned a bit these days - with the New 52 costume, the subsequent retooling of that suit and the Man Of Steel costume - so I decided to throw my hat into the ring, too! But I wanted to kind of blend the looks Superman's been wearing into a cohesive costume that retained some of what we loved about the original. I think you can see bits and pieces of the movie design here, as well as a nod or to to the New 52 costume, with a more modern hairstyle. I think it works okay - hope you agree!
Kagagi Heard Museum pieces by jayodjick
Kagagi Heard Museum pieces
The Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona is doing an exhibit on Native American heroes in May - and I was asked for four pieces of KAGAGI related artwork for the exhibit. Here are those four pieces combined! I've never had my work exhibited in a museum before so it's a huge, huge honor for me and I figured I'd share the artwork I created for them. For more on the Heard museum: and to watch all 13 episodes of the KAGAGI animated series:
I'm going to write this as if youre completely unfamiliar with myself and my work, because lets face it, there is a good chance you are. If thats the case, no problem...
My name Is Jay Odjick - I'm a comics creator living in Canada. I am from the Kitigan Zibi Algonquin reservation; I'm First Nations, Native, Aboriginal, Indigenous, Indian or whatever new term they have for us today.  I have worked on a few things in comics, online and in print, some indie / small press books ad had a webcomic at called Power Hour. Awhile back I worked on my first creator owned comic and I decided that it could be cool to take an existing legend from my reserve and kind of present it in a modern way and then build up from it. The result is an 80 page OGN called Kagagi: The Raven.

The legend itself revolves around a story I was told a few years ago - that back in the day the Windigo was running roughshod over the area and that a group of Algonquin warriors banded together to defeat it, when the mythological hero Wisakedjak wouldnt. To that end, they formed a coalition with what we call the Pagwoudj-Inini or "the little people of the forest". The two groups of warriors combined forces to battle the Windigo and the people he had infected in a huge battle.
Now, I thought that sounded pretty badass. I wondered why so few of us were familiar with the story, and wanted to do something about that - and at the same time, create something new. The question to me was, what happened after that?
After defeating this evil force that they knew would return, how would they prepare to battle it again? The little people blamed it's existence on humanity and bailed...what would they do if...well, WHEN it came back?
That's where the story picks up in the modern day.

It's got elements of superheroics, horror, good old fashioned teenage angst, mixed with a traditional Native legend in comic form. I figured some fellow listeners might want to check it out.

Kagagi: The Raven is listed in the current Previews, and ships in July. If you don't have access to Previews, the Diamond order code is STK436038. I know, we are all inundated with self promoters - but I think this comic is a little different and it's a heartfelt, project of love from a guy who just loves comics, trying to share his people's stories with other comics fans.

If you'd like to see some of the comic (the first eight pages, detailling the battle with the Windigo), please check out my website.…
I wrote the intro and got an artist friend of mine named Fernando Granea to illustrate the intro. I think he did a hell of a job, and I hope you like it!
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Jay Odjick
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